Christy’s Mobile Grooming

Christy’s has spread cleanliness and beauty throughout the pet population of the San Francisco peninsula since 1987. I have serviced over a thousand clients in that time, and built a reputation for service and convenience. Most of my business comes from word of mouth. I believe that is the best reference possible.

I am recommended by owners, vets and pet professionals all over the area and work by appointment only.

Christy’s is not an all breed service, there are breeds we don’t take for various reasons. Please contact me for service information and referrals.

My work week is Tuesday through Saturday.

There is a lot of information on this page. Please read to the not so bitter end!

Service Areas

I service the area between Burlingame and Palo Alto, eastern Woodside to the bay.

Call or email well ahead of when you want an appointment.

Evening appointments are not available.

Please contact me if you are not sure if you are in our service area.

If you live in an apartment, please check to see if you have a parking space and electrical outlet within 130 feet of the space. Also check with the manager if I can’t plug into your apartment.

The Bowzerbus has a high top with a clearance of 8 1/2’. It cannot fit in underground lots or under carports.

First Appointments

When arriving at a new home, I like to set the van up before bringing the pet out. That way we have time to meet and greet in the home, as well as discuss your needs and your pet’s individualities without having to deal with parking and cord issues. Once we’re plugged in, it’s time to introduce ourselves, and get to know my new best friend.

It is best that you be there the first time. Depending on the breed, you can expect me to be there a minimum of 45 minutes to 1 hour. A first appointment can offer new challenges, so it’s best you or someone you trust stick around. Subsequent appointments may be arranged differently. Many people have housekeepers certain days, or their pets and electrical outlets are accessible from the outside. If you have a time constraint it is best to mention it when you book the appointment.

Payment is due at time of service.

I take cash, checks and credit/debit cards.

For the most part, I have minimums for each breed, but the list below will give you guidelines to help you understand how the final price is calculated.

These are not breed specific, and other services are listed below.

I never give firm prices before the first grooming! There are too many variables to do that.

If I give you a price, it is the minimum you will be charged unless I am happily surprised with less work when I arrive. Like other professionals, these are preliminary quotes. I cannot know how much time and effort is necessary to finish the job until it is done.

Please do not assume the price you are quoted is the final charge. And please don’t stop because you have found your pet’s type.

While mobile grooming can be a viable option for most pets, it is not a panacea. There are some animals who need extra help, such as tranquilizers, or special handling. If you know, or have been told your pet is one of these, you do have options, and I will be happy to discuss them with you.

Some pets do not settle when groomed mobile. They know they are still home, and instead of calming them, they just want to get out and go home.

All minimum prices reflect the work which can be completed for the average of that breed on an animal in good shape, and who is well behaved. They are subject to the groomer’s discretion. I cannot emphasize how important it is to read the whole page.

And I would urge you to read my Mobile Information and Grooming in a New Era page as well.

Please keep in mind, the first grooming may be one which, because of one reason or another takes longer than subsequent groomings. This can be discussed when you make the appointment. It can again be discussed before the grooming when I can actually meet the pet, run my hands through the coat and evaluate the work needed to do what you want.

Extra time dealing with bad behavior, obese animals or animals who otherwise cannot cooperate with the grooming process, may be charged the hourly rate for the extra time and effort it takes to do the work. This can include, but is not limited to puppies who will not take reassurance, nervous, and older dogs who, for physical, or other reasons cannot handle the process as they used to. Biting animals are not welcome. Thank you for not asking!

The hourly rate is $60-$75/hr.

Now that I’ve thoroughly scared you, on to the pricing...

Nail Clipping

Nail clipping is a minimum $25 for the first pet, and a minimum $20 for each additional pet. It is recommended the ears be checked and wiped at the same time as the nails are done. This includes cats.

Larger animals, or animals who’s nails have not been done in a long time, and require extra trimming, or animals who misbehave may be charged more.

Bath Prices

Bathing includes nails, ears, brush-out, and fluff dry.

On long haired breeds it also includes a sanitary trim, pad shaving, and rounding the feet and trimming around the eyes and face.

We carry a variety of shampoos and conditioners to meets your pet’s needs, and also offer the FURminator treatment when needed to minimize shedding issues.

Our MINIMUM price per bath is $70

Toy shorthair and toy to medium smooth coated breeds are a minimum $70.

Medium to large short coated, and large smooth coated breeds are a minimum $75-$80.

Large medium coated breeds are a minimum $85-$90

Small to medium long coated breeds are a minimum $75-$85

Large long coated breeds are a minimum $90

~ Cats ~

Nails are a minimum $25 ea.

If you have a cat requiring more than a nail trim, please contact me.

Extra dirty pets can be $5-$15 more, depending on size, coat, and number of sudsings necessary to get them clean.

If your pet is significantly overweight, there may be an extra charge. Overweight pets cannot help as much with the grooming, they need to rest more often, and working on the underside is an adventure in itself. In other words, they take longer, and require more effort.

If you or your vet provides a medicated or special shampoo requiring soak time, the charge is $5-$10 depending on the instructions.

De-Skunking Service

$25 & up over minimum bath price..depending on your dog’s size, coat type and condition, and the extent of the spray.

  De-skunking cannot, unfortunately take the place of avoidance, (though cats are pretty good at it), however we can do a pretty good job of minimizing the effects. As the musk is oil based, you really have to let it wear off, or grow out which can take several months. It requires a minimum of 3-5 sudsings with several shampoos, soakings and other formulations, along with lots of brushing and combing. Even so, your pet may still smell a little for several months when that area gets damp.

Learn more about skunks

Skunk Chemistry

Clipping Prices

These prices include the bath

“short clips”

Toy/small to medium size breeds are a minimum $85-$90

Larger breeds are a minimum $95-100

Thick or curly coated breeds are a minimum $95-$100

Again, these prices reflect the amount on a well behaved pet in good shape.

If your dog has a thick coat, that will lengthen the grooming time.

Hand scissored clips, (clips in which the body is scissored, as well as the legs, feet, and head), are a minimum of $10 over the minimum clip price for your breed, and can run more. An hourly rate after the first 75 minutes may apply, charged in 15 minute increments.

Hand Scissoring

$60-$75/ hour

De-matting Services


De-matting can be a tricky procedure, and carries some challenges.

Please read my On De-Matting page


Because I am either wet, hairy or driving, I return most calls and emails in the evening. It’s also easier to type on the computer rather than the phone.

Email is easiest for me. I rarely get an answer when returning calls in the evening for one reason or another, and playing phone tag isn’t the optimal way to exchange information.

The following information will help me give you the best response:

Your name and phone numbers

The town and area in which you live

The type of pet you have, (age, breed, size, weight, etc...)

The type of service you are looking for, i.e. bath, clip, nails...

How long it has been since the last professional grooming.


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