Why Choose a Mobile Service?

We all lead busy lives these days. We are constantly driving here and there, picking up and dropping off. Choosing a reputable mobile grooming service not only saves you time and gas, but is, in the long run, economically and environmentally friendly. Instead of making two trips to drop off and pick up, you make none. Mobile groomers make the trip for you. Many clients don’t even need to be there.

After the first appointment, you can be doing something that actually requires your physical presence. I have many clients who have their dogs groomed with their neighbor’s dog. It’s all good!

Regular clients with recurring appointments can expect an email, call, or text to confirm your appointment when your pet is due, when requested. You can leave payment, or have a card on file. I have clients whom I never need to contact, as they are just on my schedule. I only see them if they happen to be home. This makes it easy for me to give clients with time constraints the times and dates they need.

I make it as easy and painless as possible to make sure your best friend is always taken care of.

Do you come to my area?

In general I service the area between Burlingame and Menlo Park. I go as far west as eastern Woodside. Please contact me to make sure you are in my service area. I do not travel to San Francisco, nor do I go over the bridges to the east or north bay. I do not go over the hill to the coast, nor do I travel to Portola Valley.

Appointments outside an area in which I am working in any given day may be subject to a charge for extra driving time. 

How much notice do you need before scheduling appointments?

Most appointments can be made a few days in advance. Occasionally I can fit you in the next day. Same day and next day appointments are extremely rare. 

Some clients like to make the next appointment when the pet is finished, and I am still there, and that’s ok too.

At times I may need a couple of weeks notice. I confirm with current clients who are due before I schedule new clients, so I appreciate your patience.

I groom Tuesday through Saturday. I do not make evening appointments. There are times when I have just been running late, and have had so many requests, I may not be able to get back to you right away. The beginning and end of the week can especially be like that. Don’t despair, I will get to you, but if I need to confirm with current clients, I will do that before I can give you any dates or times. The more information you give me, the better I can respond.

Email is more likely to get a quicker response than phone calls. Because of my schedule I can return emails any time of day or night. I try not to call after 8 pm, so if I don’t get to you by then, I will get to you the next day. Please see my Services, Pricing, and Contact page for the information I need.

Also I need to know of any complications that you know of so I can be prepared, and schedule accordingly. Thanks in advance!

Do you tranquilize or use cages?

Never! If your pet requires tranquilizing, you must obtain it from your veterinarian and either administer it yourself, or have the vet do it. Tranquilizers should be given no later than 90 minutes before the appointment.

It’s also a good idea to tell me. I don’t like having to use tranquilizers, but they do serve a purpose. Some animals have been traumatized, or are just extremely nervous, and a little calming can help them get past it. My goal is to wean them off the tranquilizers as it is much easier to do a pet who can help out and cooperate of it’s own free will.

There is no need for caging pets during the grooming. I do not have “hot boxes” to dry animals in. While your pets are in the van, they receive 100% of my attention. 

Do you give medicated baths?

Yes, if your dog has a condition for which your vet has recommended medicated shampoo, and you provide it, I will be happy to use it per directions. Please let me know when you make the appointment so I can schedule accordingly.

I do not carry medicated shampoos as I’m not qualified to diagnose skin conditions to determine which shampoo is correct. I do however, carry  hypo-allergenic shampoo for mild skin irritations, as well as Advantage®Flea Control.

All my shampoos are eco-friendly, and biodegradable. I use Quadruped Pet Shampoos which have a variety of botanicals including Yucca as my every day shampoo. 

Do I need to provide the extension cord?

No, I carry my own cords. Most outlets are only 40-80 feet from where I park, however I am prepared for longer distances. If you have your own cord, please put it away. Most people have 16 gauge extension cords. I use 12 gauge to minimize electrical resistance. The smaller the gauge, the more resistance, and I’d hate to warp your nice cord because it became too hot, especially over the longer distances. Also, the less resistance, the quicker your pet dries. I don’t use the hair dryer you have in your bathroom.

How do I find an outlet you can use?

I will help when I get there. Some suggestions are: the garage, an outside outlet. Pools, or outside lights sometimes have outlets attached.

Some of the best circuits are the dedicated, such as laundry, extra refrigerator/freezer, or other outlets used for appliances or applications needing their own circuit. These appliances will be unplugged during the grooming, and turned back on when I’m done to keep from tripping the breaker switch.

It’s best to have a dedicated circuit, but it is not absolutely necessary. I can adjust some of my electrical needs to meet the situation, though drying time may be longer. It’s also a good idea to know where your circuit breaker box is, just in case. Even if I’m plugged into a 20 amp circuit, there may be something we don’t know about which only comes on occasionally. According to Murphy’s Law, that appliance will come on during the drying process, which is the part when I draw the most electricity.

Do you have warm water?

Absolutely! I would never bathe a dog in cold water. The van is equipped with a water heater so there is a constant supply of warm water.

Do you use clean water?

Yes! I have a clean water tank which I use for bathing and rinsing. The used water cannot be reused.

Will I need to provide water?

The van carries 50 gallons of clean water which I fill each day. Near the end of the day I may need to hook up to a hose for more water.

My pet is nervous, or has had a bad experience. Would I be able to watch or help?

Under some circumstances when parents are watching, the pet will pay more attention to them, and ignore the groomer. We have had owners both watch, and help when grooming a nervous pet. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Every groom is an individual experience, so we don’t rule it out automatically.

Example: I once gave a puppy her first grooming. The owners asked to watch. The puppy made such a racket, a neighbor called the sheriff! I can tell you, that was a 1st for me! As soon as the owners went into the house, the puppy became quiet and docile.

Can you provide references?

Yes, I can provide references from both clients and veterinarians. Most of our business comes from these sources. After all, isn’t that the best recommendation?

Can you come to my home just for nail clipping?

Of course! I have many clients whose only need is a nail clipping. During these appointments we’ll also check and clean the ears, look at the teeth, give the pet a general look-over, and make any recommendations we think you should know about.

Why should I use Christy’s?

As of 2017 Christy’s is celebrating it’s 30th year in business! I’ve been local that long, and I’m not going anywhere.

Grooming is a personal profession. I build a personal relationship with you and your pet so you will never wonder how they are being treated, and you know that they will always come out feeling their best. 

Grooming is also a science. While I know the people working for franchise and chain pet care businesses, (I don’t mean locally owned boutiques), are good groomers, and care about what they do, many of the groomers who work for them are straight from school. (Don’t get me started on grooming schools). They may not have the experience to know when there is an issue that should be brought to the owner’s attention.

My experience dates back 40 years. I’ve seen it all! I also have a working relationship with many of the veterinarians and humane organizations in the county, and am recommended by them. I have the experience to let you know when your pet has an issue needing medical attention, or if it’s something you can watch and track, and what you can do at home to alleviate the problem.  

Grooming is also an art, and while many dogs may look good in one clip, I can judge conformation and adjust the clip you like so your pet looks their best. It takes time to develop an art.

I have worked with owners to develop custom clips that reflect their pets’ personalities. I call them Personality Clips.

There are also instances when a dog is better in a “puppy”, or very short clip. This is something that may be a one-time thing, or something you prefer. I can tell you when de-matting your pet is a less humane option than taking them short the first time around. This judgement is gained by experience. One thing about long-haired breeds is, the hair keeps on growing!

The truth will set you free! I believe that owners should be aware of the truth about their pet’s experience. I have had groomers tell me they always say the pet was wonderful, had a great time, was no problem, etc… I can understand that, they want repeat business, (who doesn’t?), and they don’t want the owner to think they either can’t handle the pet, or that the pet doesn’t like them.

In my opinion it’s best to be honest. If there is a behavior that can be helped by notifying the owner so they can work with the pet, groomer, trainer or vet to help alleviate it. That way everyone is on the same page, and perhaps a problem can either be solved or headed off.

If a pet really can’t tolerate a procedure, there’s more than one way to approach most issues. Letting the owner know how you’ve done something and why you’ve done it that way is a reasonable thing to do.

Perhaps it’s just that you’re new to each other, and the next time the issue doesn’t even come up.  That’s the best outcome, but the owner should know. And yes, not everyone likes everyone, so once in a while you run across a pet who would respond better to another groomer. 

But most of all, you will always know who is coming, and who is grooming your pet. And good help, I hear is hard to find. 

Is it customary to tip the groomer?

Yes! Think of it this way:

Do you tip other service professionals? Your waiter? Your hairdresser?  Do they do as much for you, and know you as intimately as your groomer knows your pet? As mobile groomers and pet professionals, we are devoting an entire block of time just for your best friend. All service professionals are grateful to clients who tip, and they can expect us to show our appreciation in so many ways!