I come to you!

For the most part all I need is a fairly level place to park, and an electrical outlet to plug into. In the summer it’s nice to have shade, especially in the afternoon on hot days. Many homes have electrical access outside or, more usually I plug into the garage. More about this is on my Mobile Information page.

I groom in my van, ( The Bowzerbus),  not in your home so the mess stays outside.

The van is equipped with a tub, water heater, clean water tank, table, dryers, clippers, get the point. It’s all set up like a little shop with lots of windows which pets enjoy looking out of during the grooming. That way they can make sure they are still at home. Most nervous pets settle down and become comfortable after a couple of minutes, though it may take a couple of groomings for us to get used to one another.

Once they realize they have not gone anywhere and they will be treated kindly, they settle down and enjoy.

Pets go straight into the house, or yard, (depending on your preference), as soon as they are finished. It’s a good idea to have a treat ready. They will want to show off how good they feel and look, so be sure to let them know they’ve done a good thing.

All clip animals are hand scissor finished.  More information is available on the Services, Pricing & Contact page.